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The Founding of Capital Club by Luke Belmar: A Vision for Entrepreneurial Excellence

The Capital Club, founded by Luke Belmar and co-designed with Steve and Evan Tan in 2021, is an exclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. Established in 2019, it has grown to over 15,000 members globally. The club offers access to a private digital platform, academy, marketplace, and network, focusing on creating, multiplying, and preserving wealth. Membership is invite-only, with a current acceptance rate of less than 15%. The yearly membership costs $369, payable by card, and includes a 14-day refund guarantee. It welcomes international members, with a waitlist from over 72 countries.



Luke Belmar, a prominent entrepreneur and investor, founded the Capital Club with a vision to create a unique platform for entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to excel in the realms of business, wealth creation, and personal development. His journey from humble beginnings to becoming a multi-millionaire has been a source of inspiration for many.

Early Life and Motivations:

Born in a small rural town in Argentina, Luke Belmar's early life was marked by modesty and a strong desire to achieve more than what his surroundings offered. Migrating to the United States at a young age with minimal resources, he embraced various challenges, from menial jobs to intense self-education. His experiences instilled in him a deep understanding of the value of hard work, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of goals.

Genesis of the Capital Club:

The idea for the Capital Club took root as Belmar's success in digital advertising, e-commerce, and cryptocurrency investments grew. He recognized a gap in the entrepreneurial landscape: a need for a comprehensive ecosystem that not only focused on wealth creation but also emphasized personal growth, networking, and knowledge sharing.

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The Mission of Capital Club

At its core, the Capital Club is more than just a networking platform; it's a holistic entrepreneurial ecosystem. It aims to:

Foster Wealth Creation: By offering members access to exclusive financial insights and strategies.

Promote Biohacking and Optimal Health: Understanding that a healthy body fosters a healthy mind, essential for entrepreneurial success.

- Provide a Learning Platform: With over 70 hours of educational content, the club educates members in various aspects of business and finance.

Encourage Networking: Through exclusive events, it connects members with industry leaders and like-minded peers.

The Tesla Connection

The Capital Club membership fee of $369 may indeed be inspired by Nikola Tesla's '369 Theory', which is a popular concept often attributed to Tesla. This theory suggests a special significance to the numbers 3, 6, and 9, implying that they hold a key to understanding the universe.

While the direct connection between this theory and the Capital Club's membership fee is not explicitly stated, the choice of $369 for the fee could be a subtle nod to this theory, aligning with the club's innovative and thought-provoking ethos. For more information on Tesla's '369 Theory', you can refer to Truth or Fiction.

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